Maximum Flexibility

One thing our customers can rely on: they will get the best solution for every assignment –
at the best price. This is ensured by extremely flexible production planning, efficient, perfectly
coordinated production processes, and advanced logistics.

Our sheet fed offset machines can cope perfectly with anything, from straightforward
black-on-white brochures to high-quality, laminated products printed in eight colours. They
are complemented by versatile post-press finishing and bookbinding technology, so that our
customers benefit from fully-integrated production which meets all their requirements.

  • For instance: we print multilingual black-on-white instruction manuals for customers
    in industry. We do it so fast that we can deliver them within 24 hours, direct to the
    assembly line, and if desired we will even pack them in with the products.
  • For instance: every year we produce 2.8 million MairDumont travel guides in top
    quality colour, including the complex folding of the maps inside.